Case Study

Voyager Travel

Disciplines: UX Design


This case study is from the General Assembly User Experience course I took in May 2018 as a refresher course on the skills I have picked up on the job over my past work experience. This project explored the use case of optimising your weekends away and making the most of your time.

The Situation


We all live busy lives.


Travelling is a great escape for many.


You can easily find spontaneous deals online.


But what do you do when you get there?

Competitor Analysis

Interview Highlights Summary

Research Findings


Feature Prioritisation

Paper Prototyping

User Flow

Wire Framing

Why we need a solution


From Google Trips to Wiki Travel,

the information is out there—

but I need scavenge the sites to get

the information I need.

The Hypothesis


We believe in having all your travel

needs in one place—allows the

traveller to optimise their time and

get the information they need.

Research Summary



Want the trips to

be productive


Appetite for digital technology


Food Experience important


Want the best costs

Pain Points


Varied source selection


Source solely based on previous customer or paid placements


No personal experience


Want a virtual guided tour



Personalised and hand-picked tours and recommendations


Trip type breakdowns


Activity type breakdowns


Food Guides


First Prototype tackled the situation with the users selecting their interest

and the product creating a trip based on their likes.



Users wanted more functions.

Users felt they were not in control.

Users felt this was not a useful tool on

the go, but planning in advance.


First Prototype tackled the situation with the users selecting their interest

and the product creating a trip based on their likes.



Stick to happy path and solve one situation.

Better information hierarchy needed.

Users will have viewed content before—introduce a quicker way to add to basket.

Card sorting to streamline the categories and labels.

Updated User Flow

Lo-Fi Prototype


Digital prototype, with enhancements from previous comments.



Users would like a sort/filter option on results.

Price not defined anywhere.

What if I have more than one user.

Hi-Fi Prototype


Introduced Filtering on Itinerary.

Cannot tick pay items in results—have to click onto product page.

Introduced booking for more than 1 person.

Introduced UI elements for ease of Navigation and information Hierarchy.

Next Steps


Introduce a pre-arrival questionnaire to find out more about the user and introduce personalisation features to make this bespoke.


Introduce an area where users can upload their experience, trips and recommendations


Automate the journey with recommendations on previous users.


Fill out all of the information users are looking for reference.

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