Kids Branding

Amazon Fashion

Disciplines: Art Direction and Branding


As part of the Amazon Fashion Private Brands programme two in-house kids and baby were launched. These brands typically launched on-site in eight weeks once they were briefed to the creative team. It was our task to bring the brand to life—providing the art direction for creative assets and setting the design execution.

Spotted Zebra Brand

Spotted Zebra is a brand of easy mix-and-match kids’ clothing, offered at a great value. Spotted Zebra kids are imaginative and excited to learn new things. These happy and positive kids can’t wait to embark on new adventures with friends. This is a brand where kid’s imaginations can run wild!

Spotted Zebra Campaign

Kids being Kids! Capturing the organic and natural cheeky behaviour of kids playing, pulling silly faces, interacting with each other and getting up to mischief. Bursting with personality showcasing how the mix-and-match, pieces can be worn all together.

Moon and Back Campaign

Inspired by both Amazon’s book-selling origins and the night-time ritual of reading before bed, Moon and Back offers a collection of pyjama designs inspired by best-selling children’s books. I choose a soft colour palette to set the mood for the photo shoot—allowing the imagery to have a positive tone, since the muted props and initial launch product range were not the full characteristics of the brand. The aim was to elevate and give a premium aesthetics to this brand as it was exclusively one hundred percent natural cotton.

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