Page Optimisation

Amazon Fashion

Disciplines: UX Design + Visual Design


Throughout my time at Amazon I looked at problem solving poor performing pages­—there is no pride in any work if its got getting the engagement and returns in the time and effort that goes into the page. The following pages explore before and after improvements.

Amazon Fashion Homepage

This was a unique page in the sense you would only arrive to this page if you entered the url ( or clicked on the Amazon Fashion logo while currently shopping on the Amazon Fashion pages. The original page had an 80% abandonment rate—the people leaving than just going to another area of amazon. It was a dead-end page with content they would have seen on previous pages—or too many options the customer did not know what to do. The simplify, I changed this page from a editorial content page to a navigational page—focusing on the categories aiding clear wayfinding. The please the content editorial team I added highlight row with the top stories. And since private brands were a big priority for the business a third row with further content. These simple changes reduced the abandonment down to 22%, which was a great reduction. We tested further and remove the editorial and private brands content they had no engagement and were not adding to the page and creating more work for all teams involved.

Contemporary Shop

I was contributing to an internal WYSIWYG tool to allow us build more engaging pages and to have more options for mobile. Previously we relied on image mapping links which was not practical in the mobile era. Using the new tool I was able to redesign this shop page with a high-end luxury feel. A new typography treatment was used on this page with an editorial focus. Click through on this page increase by ten percent with the redesign.

Men’s Coat Shop

As with all new pages, two designs are created and tested against each other for performance. In this situation we tested, existing widgets against custom code experience to see if spending the extra time in developing something new generated any better click through. On being concerned at the length of our pages I designed a vertical stacking carousel—bring content further up the page and reducing the page size by over half. The same treatments were applied on both versions where applicable. Surprisingly this shorter version marginally performed better with a 0.5% improvement. This iterated that our development time can be spent on more pressing areas.

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