Landing Page Experience

Amazon Fashion

Disciplines: UX Design + Visual Design


I was hired into the Amazon Fashion team to shake things up and move the design and innovation forward. One of my first tasks was the Contemporary Campaign for Spring/Summer ‘15. The aim of the this page was to present Amazon Fashion as a true fashion destination and surprise the customer with brands they may not be familiar with.

Automatic Carousel, showcasing the campaign looks.

Brand Grid—elevated from logos to model.
On Desktop, the model image would swap out for a video showcasing the outfit.

Editorial type treatment for the accessories. Adding a point of view and style tips.

Contemporary Store SS15

The page was divided into three sections—trend/style carousel of campaign images, accessories and then contemporary brands. Although a familiar feature on other sites, the automatic carousel was new to Amazon Fashion pages. There was hesitation to use this as customer data proved customers were not clicking beyond the second like in previous lookbook, but we hoped the automatic rotation would help with engagement. The accessories in an editorial layout performed the best in term on click-through and sales. The new video brand grid utilised product page videos—activated when the mouse hovered over the videos on desktop only. The dwell time on the page increased and increased click through to the brand stores. This page became impressed hold our brands to join the Amazon Fashion Store—signing up eight new brands for the next season.

Contemporary Store AW15

I took the learning from the previous season into the new page. There were 8 campaign shots so a new design was needed. Since the engagement and sales were centred around the accessories we changed the page layout to incorporate all elements—trend led stories, accessories and brands all together. The fashion editors tripled the number of accessories and my design allowed them to be sprinkled throughout the page. I ditched the carousel on this occasion as we had plenty of data that should the Amazon customer scrolled down the page regardless of how long it was. The stories were stacked on top of each other taking a linear approach from mobile design. The performance of this page exceeded expectations by 24bps.

Evolution of Interactivity

I continued to apply the learnings from these pages and tested out similar effects such as text roll overs to see if they gained any further engagement such as the videos. We A/B tested text rollovers for the Spring Dresses campaign on desktop. The findings were very small this lead us to putting the text visible for  all users for the Coat Campaign.

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